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Your Longwood marketing needs an SEO strategy to help your business thrive. Here are some of our tips to get your website to the top of the list across several search engine platforms.

If you are in the Longwood marketing industry you are familiar with the term SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a fancy way of saying “How my customers find me.” This allows search engines like Google and Bing rank your blog or website according to your content, page titles, and backlinks.

The content on your website should be tailored around a “keyword” which is another fancy way of saying “a main word” or subject that your article is talking about. Why is this important to my Longwood marketing you ask? Search engine traffic can contribute to a large portion of your visitors and if done properly you can boost your visitors online.

At South Street & Co., we work with your website and blogs to create content around a list of keywords to boost your ranking online. We add links to your social media sites and optimize the site for the best result from the searches for your small business SEO. To be at the top, you should be optimizing, blogging and creating great content. Here are some tips for making your website SEO savvy.

Create a List Of Keywords

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First things first, you need to evaluate with your team how you would like to rank on the search engines and under what name. Consider the cities and counties you work next to and specific words correlated to your business. For example, if you were an AC company and you serve the Orlando and the Tampa areas, you may want to rank for “Orlando AC” , or “Tampa AC.” Think of words people will Google when needing an AC company and you will find the keywords for your business.

Write The Keywords Throughout The Blog

Now that you have a list of keywords for your Longwood marketing you can begin to write blogs. When you are writing a blog make sure to choose from one of the keywords and write it throughout the blog. This way when you post online, Google can recognize the word on your specific blog when someone searches that word. I know, I have said “word” a million times but it is very important to your SEO.

Make sure that you don’t stuff your blog with keywords on the tags and labels portion of your website. Google will take that as a red flag and think it is spam.

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Link Past Blogs

A great way to showcase your blog and website more in each blog post is by linking back to past blogs. When you have a link on a page it will help the reader discover more of your content related to a particular topic.

Link Photos

Whether you are using Squarespace or WordPress a great way to excel in SEO for your Longwood marketing is by optimizing your photos. It’s important to change the title of the name of the photo to your keyword so that the search engine can link the photo to your blog. This is also called an ALT tag.

At South Street & Co., we strive to help small businesses set themselves apart. We sit down with you and help create a strategy to boost your marketing.

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