6 March 2015

How Often Should I Blog?

How often should I blog is a tough question. Blogging is kinda like going to the gym… you know you have to do it, but sometimes it’s a struggle (Like going to the gym on Friday mornings, eek) But, blogging is just as important to keep your website healthy as is going to the gym to […]

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18 October 2014

How To Come Up With Killer Blog Posts

Coming up with killer blog posts can be difficult and time consuming. Some may even give up before they have an idea. Don’t worry though, because coming up with killer blog posts is part Nancy Drew, part James Bond and part smarts. Don’t worry, you don’t need any formal training in the killer blog posts […]

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12 October 2014

A Breakdown of the Question: What is Content Marketing?

What is content marketing? This is a question every small business owner is probably asking once they speak to a marketer. I’ll say it again, content is king. Now, what does content even mean? This is the million dollar question that we’ll break down together.

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15 September 2014

Communication Is The Trick For Redemption After Content Suicide

I worked my way through college (true story) through serving, and one night, we were SO backed up. I’m talking about 30 minute wait times just for people’s appetizers. There was a big game on and the place was packed. I decided right when guests sat down that I would tell them we were super […]

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13 September 2014

Cross Promote Your Blogs Because of These 4 Reasons

In the morning, I like to wake up, work out, and then get ready for work. Sometimes, I don’t prefer that order, but I’ve noticed that in the morning, sometimes it’s nice to take a breather before the events of the day unfold. Lately, I’ve tried drinking tea. For me, it helps me relax while […]

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8 September 2014

Avoid Content Suicide with These Easy Steps

Avoiding content suicide is easy with these simple steps. This week, I found myself getting lost on the web, as many people do, reading and absorbing all the content I could. You have question you need answered from Google, and all of a sudden you realize what you’re doing, and you’re lost in a sea […]

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6 September 2014

Avert This Costly Blogging Blunder

  Every morning I drive to work, as a bunch of others do. I drive the same way, leave at the same time, and hope to miss traffic. Sometimes, though, there is that one thing that stands out on my drive, and I have to snap a picture of it. You know what I’m talking […]

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20 August 2014

Why Small Business Blogging Is So Important

Small business blogging may not be at the top of your list when starting your small business. And, unless you’re a seasoned professional in the SEO realm, blogging may not be your top priority. Here’s why it should be:

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