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Make sure you don’t miss National Ice Cream Day in Orlando when it rolls in on July 15th.

It’s July, and the sun is shining, the air is thick, and the temperature is unbearable which only means one thing: summer has hit its stride in the sunshine state. But it isn’t all sweltering heat and unbearable humidity because on July 15th it is National Ice Cream Day in Orlando!

But don’t just reach for that mint chocolate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that you’ve had lying in your freezer for the better part of a year; instead, you should check out some of Orlando’s premier ice cream shops and parlors; Here’s a list of some of our favorites!

Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

6 Places to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing sounds better than “homemade ice cream,” and that’s right in the title of this wonderful Ice Cream shop! With two locations in Orlando, you should be able to make this a part of your holiday festivities. The menu is constantly on a daily rotation so you’ll always have something new or different to try when visiting (though originals, like Blondie or Cookie Monster, are always available)!

And though July 15th is a day for ice cream, it does not mean you can’t enjoy other frozen treats, such as sorbet which is also available at Kelly’s.

Ginther’s Swirls Ice Cream

National Ice Cream Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: Ginther’s Swirls Ice Cream

This place is just as fun to visit as it is to say its name. Ginther’s deals in the classic ice cream flavors that you know and love, along with a variety of milkshakes, malts and a ton of delicious sundaes. And don’t you worry about betraying the spirit of National Ice Cream Day in Orlando with a milkshake because their milkshake is made from soft serve ice cream, so enjoy that wonderful shake!

The Pop Parlour

National Ice Cream Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: The Pop Palour

Speaking of non-ice cream treats, where are the popsicles? Luckily we don’t have to worry because that’s where The Pop Parlour comes in. The Pop Parlour has a wide selection of tasty popsicles that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. They also have a special treat for adults in the form of boozy popsicles with liquor such as bourbon, whiskey or rum. So instead of visiting your favorite bar on National Ice Cream Day, you should make The Pop Parlour your night destination.

Mr. Cool Ice Cream & Boba Tea

National Ice Cream Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: Mr.Cool Ice Cream & Boba Tea

This cool place off of International Drive is a wonderful stop on your ice cream shop crawl. Mr. Cool, and he’s definitely cool because he has sunglasses, has a variety of ice cream flavors to choose from with all of them being delicious of course. Also, as the name implies, Mr. Cool has boba tea, a delicious drink that you can have with your ice cream or all alone.

The Greenery Creamery

National Ice Cream Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: The Greenery Creamery

This Orlando creamery provides vegans the options they want and need to participate in this most prestigious holiday, along with plenty of non-vegan possibilities as well. The obsidian black waffle cones are both beautiful, delicious and vegan any non-vegan would find wonderful as well!

With a daily rotation of flavors, you can always find something new to try or be pleasantly surprised by the return of an old favorite. Make sure to follow them on Instagram so you can see all of their delicious flavors!

The Soda Fountain

National Ice Cream Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: The Soda Fountain

There is a surprising lack of one of my favorite form of ice cream treats: the float. Luckily this wonderful spot is the solution to my floatless dilemma. Boasting a variety of delicious floats, ice cream scoops, milkshakes and sundaes, this place indeed has it all. Located on Edgewater Drive, everyone should make this a definitive for both National Ice Cream Day in Orlando and just about any other time you are craving ice cream.

There are always plenty of ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Orlando and we hope you take full advantage of these amazingly tasty local shops!

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