13 November 2014

This One Event Is Why I Monitor Social Media Sites Regularly

This week has been one word, crazy. Along with the holidays being right around the corner, and on everyone’s mind, I had an interesting incident happen. This incident happened to involve one of my favorite social media sites, Instagram, and this is the primary reason I monitor social media sites regularly. A quick run-down of Instagram; it is the […]

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5 November 2014

The Secret To Having Great Small Business Promotions

Today was a busy day. I was traveling all over, driving around Central Florida. By the end of the day, I was exhausted! By the time I got back to the office, my feet were hurting my back was done with the day and my eyes were as tired as ever. One thing I was grateful […]

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25 October 2014

A New SEO Company Needs To Be Asked This One Question

Hiring a new SEO company can be tricky, especially when people claim they know what they’re doing. Let’s start from the beginning and educate you on a couple fundamental terms every small business owner should know: What does SEO stand for? When hiring a new SEO company, you need to know this base question. It […]

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23 October 2014

Social Media For Beginners

Social media for beginners can be a huge thing to tackle. There are a lot of different aspects of it, especially if you’re not use to doing it for yourself, let alone your business. Social media for beginners is as simple as making a guide and following it, like anything else. It’s almost like a recipe. You […]

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18 October 2014

How To Come Up With Killer Blog Posts

Coming up with killer blog posts can be difficult and time consuming. Some may even give up before they have an idea. Don’t worry though, because coming up with killer blog posts is part Nancy Drew, part James Bond and part smarts. Don’t worry, you don’t need any formal training in the killer blog posts […]

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12 October 2014

A Breakdown of the Question: What is Content Marketing?

What is content marketing? This is a question every small business owner is probably asking once they speak to a marketer. I’ll say it again, content is king. Now, what does content even mean? This is the million dollar question that we’ll break down together.

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7 October 2014

5 Easy Tricks to Make Your Website Shine

So it’s a weekday night. We’re tired from working all day and all of a sudden we’re day dreaming. Back to when life was a little bit more simple and bills didn’t exist… ahhh… the glory days! Remember when you wanted to be the star in the play. You tried out for the lead role, […]

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4 October 2014

8 Ways to Make Your Social Media Rock

Social media can be a monster to tackle. It can be time consuming, frustrating and rewarding all at once. After doing social media for some time, I’ve come up with 8 ways to make your social media rock. Here they are, just for you:

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30 September 2014

How To Have Others Market Your Company For Free

If you’ve ever seen the movie Despicable Me, you immediately think of minions. The little yellow short guys with googly eyes holding a banana. Don’t you wish we could have real life minions? I know I do. They’re loyal, nice, creative and funny. Just add intelligent and you have the perfect concoction for your ideal […]

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