2 September 2016

4 Ways to Take Your Content Marketing from Good to Great

Good content marketing is strategically done and written well. Content marketing sometimes gets a bad wrap because people (or at least small business owners) don’t have time or don’t know what it is. Content marketing is writing content to educate your audience. It is sharing ideas to help them understand and expanding their horizons with […]

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22 August 2016

Why Your Instagram Account Isn’t Growing

And if your Instagram account isn’t growing what you can do to help it grow and thrive. Instagram is one of our favorite programs to work on here at South Street & Co. We love the interaction you can receive without advertising.

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10 August 2016

Why Your Online Review Stars Are Crucial

Online review stars are a crucial part of your online marketing strategy, or at least they should be. Maybe not necessarily you as a business owner giving others reviews, but more so you focusing on yours.

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15 July 2016

5 Social Media Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

Social media marketing ideas are something that even the older generation of business owners are looking at as an opportunity to do something different.  It has taken over the world one personal share at a time. I remember when I was in college at UCF, someone asked me if I had a Facebook page and […]

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30 June 2016

Using the Best Hashtags for Your Business

Knowing how to use the best hashtags for your business is essential to doing well on social media. Here’s your intro into using the best hashtags for your business. #Hashtags are all around us. I was reading an article that said, “The hashtag is simply the pound sign rebranded.” I was floored. This was literally […]

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17 June 2016

Master Instagram Posts with these 5 Creative Ideas

Master Instagram posts with our 5 creative ideas… you’ll see a difference! If we can be real for a second, Instagram can be a little difficult. Actually, all social media sites can be difficult. Between figuring out what to post, waiting for the right time to post, applying the best filter, coming with a caption, […]

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14 June 2016

Orlando: The Light In The Darkness

These are our favorite photos of people showing their support. We call it ‘The Light In The Darkness.’ The news has been flowing day after day now with everything about the shooting in Orlando. As a small business, blocks from where this horrific and atrocious act took place, we’re stunned. Stunned that someone could do this […]

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9 June 2016

What the Locals Can Teach You: Social Media Marketing IV

Orlando is filled with locals doing it right, so South Street & Co. wants to give those locals a high-five. Welcome back to our monthly round-up of local businesses killing the social media game. Each month we scour the Internet in search of five companies that use social media like it’s their job because it […]

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25 May 2016

5 Mistakes To Avoid With Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is a big deal and something that every company should be taking advantage of. Read on to find out if you’re making mistakes that are easily avoidable. You’ve now figured out that your small business needs to spend time on its marketing efforts. This crucial step is the key to unlocking all of […]

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